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Service Charter

This Service Charter outlines our firm commitment to offer quality service to students, staff, suppliers, partners, collaborators and the general public with whom the University interacts in the course of its core business

Njala University, a rural comprehensive public research university in Sierra Leone, is committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in higher education in Sierra Leone and beyond, fostering intellectual and personal development, and stimulating meaningful research and service to humankind.

The University operates on two campuses, the Njala campus, the main campus, and the Bo campus located in Bo, and offers sub-degree, degree and postgraduate programmes in the following areas:

  1. Agriculture and Food Sciences
  2. Basic Sciences
  3. Education
  4. Environmental Sciences
  5. Medicine
  6. Natural Resources Management
  7. Nursing
  8. Public Health
  9. Technology
  10. Social Sciences
  11. Postgraduate Studies

The introduction of Performance Management Contracts in tertiary institutions by the Government of Sierra Leone to facilitate effective and quality service delivery is the basis for the promulgation of the Njala University Service Charter.


This Service Charter outlines our firm commitment to offer quality service to students, staff, suppliers, partners, collaborators and the general public with whom the University interacts in the course of its core business. All members of the Njala University community MUST be guided by this Service Charter and be committed to upholding its provisions, at all times and in all places, in conducting university business.


Our vision is to be a leading centre of learning, scholarship and community service, committed to making significant and sustained contributions to the realization of the overall socioeconomic aims and aspirations of Sierra Leone and the world at large;

We want to be defined by the high quality of our academic programmes and the quality and strategic focus of our teaching and research. 

We want to contribute not only to the personal advancement and success of individuals but also to the collective advancement and success of our nation and beyond


Our mission is to provide high-quality training and produce graduates with desirable attitudes, skills and knowledge; and stimulate meaningful research and service to humankind.

Njala University expects to achieve this mission through the

  • development and maintenance of an environment that promotes quality training learning and research;
  • provision of proper and adequate training resources and availability of qualified, professional and committed staff;
  • embracing of the principles and practice of good governance.


To conduct training at tertiary and degree levels

  • To conduct research and promote innovation
  • To undertake income generating activities through production, consultancy, and tailor- made short courses, part-time courses, equipment and facility hiring and hospitality services to complement government and fees revenue.
  • To promote the development and growth of micro enterprises through provision of consultancy services to entrepreneurs within the immediate community and beyond.


The University shall guarantee quality service to all its clients through skilled and professional human resources, hard work, fairness, timely and quality service delivery in all units.

  • To foster linkages with industry and other institutions for the promotion of quality and relevant training.


The Principles of service delivery at NU are to:

  • serve our clients with dignity, courtesy and respect,
  • continuously provide efficient and effective service,
  • adhere to ethical service provision, observe transparency and accountability in service delivery
  • ensure quality assurance and enhancement on a continuous basis.
  • observe discipline at all times in all areas
  • sustain appropriate confidentiality,
  • adopt a professional approach to service delivery ensure delivery of quality education.

Njala University will also strive to adhere to the convention of excellence in teaching and learning, research and publications, coupled with offering outstanding consultancy and community service and upholding ethics, equity and social justice

“A strong ethical climate enhances the opportunities for learning….When an institution can project an image of excellence, and instill in its students a sense of excellence, ethics must follow because unethical behavior does not lead to excellence. It may lead to short-term gain, but it does not lead to excellence”


Njala University is committed to delivering quality service in the following areas:


Students that apply to the University and that are successfully interviewed shall receive their letters of offer latest ONE day after being interviewed.

  • Upon registration, a student shall be issued with clear guidelines on academic programmes, examination rules, fees structure, student support services and disciplinary procedures.
  • Students registered at Njala University shall receive identity cards within two months from the date of registration.
  • Provision of well-maintained libraries, lecture rooms, laboratories, offices and other facilities to enhance provision of learning.
  • Promotion and inculcation of entrepreneurial skills and culture within all students.
  • Provision of quality consultancy services and prompt research output.
  • Honouring Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) involving research institutions, industry and other stakeholders.
  • Disciplinary cases for students and staff shall be completed within a period of sixty days.
  • Graduation ceremonies shall be held on schedule as shown in the NU Almanac and its amendments.
  • University certificates shall be issued latest within one month after graduation, while transcripts shall be issued within 5 working days following the submission of a request.


  • All lectures, practicals, tests and examinations shall be conducted in good teaching and learning environments and on time, as per approved timetables.
  • All lecturers will ensure the completion of the curriculum on time before students sit for end of semester examinations.
  • All marked examination and test scripts, and marking schemes, shall be forwarded to the Heads of Departments following the end of examinations for storage, for at least five years. These documents will be required for university accreditation purposes.
  • Postgraduate supervisors for Masters or Doctoral degrees will give feedback to their students latest within two months after receiving a project dissertation or thesis.


Njala University shall adopt best Human Resource Management practices including:

  • an effective performance appraisal system.
  • fair and just disciplinary procedures.
  • routine correspondence shall be replied to within 5 working days from the date of receipt.
  • non-condoning of impropriety.
  • maintaining the University as a corruption-free zone.
  • endeavouring to honour its contracts with suppliers of equipment and services as per terms and conditions stipulated therein.
  • prompt processing of collaborative agreements with NU stakeholders
  • completing the process of recruitment and promotion latest within three months, from advertisement or scoring to issuance of letters of employment or promotion.


  • The Finance Directorate shall observe all NU financial regulations and procedures and shall endeavour to pay salaries regularly and on time.
  • The Directorate shall adhere to budgetary provisions and endeavour to process approved payments within no more than three (5) working days latest.
  • Procurement of goods and services shall be done within at most one month, and in line with the NU Procurement Regulations and Public Procurement Acts provisions.


  • The NU main libraries shall be open from Monday to Friday from 8.45 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., Saturdays 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and Sundays and public holidays from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. • Queries from library users shall be responded to latest within 2 days.
  • The NU library shall endeavour to ensure availability of the most up-to-date teaching and learning materials as well as access to relevant electronic resources.


  • The University shall maintain a healthy, safe and pleasant environment.
  • The University shall be an illicit drug free zone and shall maintain university buildings as non-smoking zones.
  • Sports and games facilities and equipment shall be well maintained.
  • The university staff and students will have access to health services.

Students’ services

  • All registered NU students shall receive fair and dignified treatment
  • The NU Alumni shall be involved in university development activities.

Support services

  • The University Solicitors shall deal with all matters patterning to NU fairly and without delay.
  • The PRO or officer- in- charge shall disseminate NU information and promote the University effectively


The NU Clients’ Rights

The Clients should expect efficient and effective services in the following areas:

  • A transparent admission process
  • Provision of modern teaching and learning facilities.
  • Prompt and fair processing of examination results, transcripts and certificates
  • Provision of well-maintained libraries, lecture rooms, laboratories, offices, and other academic facilities.
  • Fair and just disciplinary procedures where applicable.
  • Efficient procurement processes.
  • Recognition and accountability to Development Partners and Sponsors.
  • Honouring Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) involving academic and research institutions, industry and other partners;
  • Strategic application of modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Courteous and timely response to requests and enquiries

The NU Clients’ Obligations

These shall include the following:

  • To follow the NU guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • To show respect and courtesy to NU staff and other Clients.
  • To give clear and correct explanations when required.
  • To give/submit correct and timely report/assignments as per agreements or expectations.
  • Provide sufficient and accurate information to enable NU respond to requests appropriately.
  • Pay all fees owed to the university fully and promptly.
  • Support the University programmes and activities and assist to publicize NU.
  • Provide timely feedback and comments on the service rendered when necessary.


  • The client’s complaints, compliments and suggestions shall be channeled through appropriate NU organs or feedback channels.
  • Confidentiality and privacy shall be respected.
  • All written feedback shall be addressed within ten (10) working days.
  • Like other dynamic training institutions, NU faces a number of challenges which it continues to systematically address within the context of its Vision and Mission.
  • Provide timely feedback and comments on the service rendered when necessary.

10. Responsible Offices

The following shall be responsible and accountable for the administration and implementation of this charter:

  1. The Vice-Chancellor & Principal
  2. The Registrar
  3. The Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  4. Deans of Schools
  • Complaints and feedback may be channeled via telephone, letters, e-mail, face to face or the ViceChancellor & Principal’s suggestion boxes located in strategic areas in all campuses.
  • Confidentiality and privacy shall be respected.

All complaints will be attended to within 10 working days. Where such complaints are complex and require longer time to investigate and deal with, acknowledgement will be given within the same period (10 days) and the delay explained. An indication of the expected completion date will also be given.


The Vice-Chancellor & Principal

Phone: +232 76706819



Phone: +23278701222