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Mr. Mansaray Amidu
Lecturer II
  • Is a research scientist with 4years of teaching, research and community services
  • Is a dynamic and versatile scientist with extensive analytical and technical skills that would benefit any organisation
  • Proven history of team work and collaboration
  • Expertise in fish stock and water quality assessment
  • Expertise in fish identification
  • Expertise in data collections and analysis
  • Expertise in water quality assessment
  • Co-founder and General Manager, Marine and Environmental Consortium (SL) Limited.
  • Vast knowledge in the field of environment and particularly Marine and Freshwater Environment.
Contact Info
B Sc. Hon. (Marine Sciences, USL)
M Sc. (Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, NU)

Core Competencies 

  • Research & Publications
  • Teaching & Community Service               
  • Students  monitoring and supervision                
  • Consultancy Services

Research Interest: Fish Stock, Water Quality and Aquatic Environmental Impact Assessment