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Dr. Momodu Sahid Kanu
Acting HoD Agric Business Management Unit
ms kanu
Contact Info
B.Sc. Edu. Economics
MPhil in Agricultural Economics
PhD Agricultural Economics

Dr. Momodu Sahid Kanu is a seasoned teacher spanning 39 Years. Research interests include but not limited to Agricultural Economics.

  1. Dr. Momodu Sahid Kanu is a Lecturer, Researcher and a publisher:  
  2. Edwin J.J, Momoh, Momodu kanu, Sheik Dyphan Massaquoi, (2014). Food safety and Trade in Sierra Leone- Genetically Modified or Organic? http//
  3. Momodu kanu, Dr. Edwin J.J.Momoh ( 2014).Effect of the Ebola CRISIS on agricultural productivity in Sierra Leone. http//
  4. Momodu Kanu, Edwin J.J.Momoh (2015). West Africa and the Burden of EVD; http//
  5.  Kanu Momodu S and Bob Conteh ,(2017),Small and Medium Enterprises as agent of national development.ISSN:2319-7064;Paper ID:ART20171386

As well as CHAPTERS IN REFERED BOOK: Economies of Integrated Fish Farming – Fish Cum Rice and Poultry Production-CORAF/WECARD AND UNIVERSITY NJALA, 2015- ISBN-978-99910-00-7

Super-user in MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet proficient, outstanding international peace and conflicts resolution skills, trade negotiating skills and excellent sales and marketing skills in import & export relating to ocean carriage.