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The Centre was established through Senate’s approval in 2017/2018 academic year and came into full operation in 2018/2019 academic year. The Centre is headed by a Director who is Dr Tamba Kebbie, PhD. The centre is in control of the:

Science Curriculum Development Centre: Production of teaching/ learning material and curriculum materials.

Other roles of the Centre are:

  • Training of teaching staff in Pedagogy in and out of the University
  • Running of short courses in the in-service training of teachers
  • Coordination of the Distance learning/ teaching
  • Orientation of newly recruited staff of the University
  • Production of curriculum materials for the University

vi. Promote the Centre as a space for pedagogical experimentation, innovation and the      advancement of teaching and learning within than beyond the university

vii. Facilitate the development of excellent proposals for external grants, for research and curricular/pedagogical innovations and overseeing their administration

Science curriculum development unit

Director: Dr Tamba Kebbie

The Science Curriculum Development Centre is now a unit under the Centre for Pedagogical Excellence. It serves as an administrative and teaching centre for undergraduates in the Sciences pursuing Bachelor of Science Degrees in Njala Campus, whilst the Bo Campus Centre, serves for teaching the certificates (TC, HTC(Pri), HTC (Sec) and the Bachelor of Education students in Science Pedagogy.                     

Staffing and qualifications of staff of the department

     1. Dr Tamba Kebbie –Director, PhD, M.Phil., PGDDE, M.Ed., B.Ed., TC

     2. Mr Simeon Tucker- Part Time Lecturer –M.Sc.Ed, B.Ed, HTC(S)

     3. Mr Tamba Morquee- Part Time Lecturer- B.Sc (Biology)( Division 1)

     4. Mr Michael Wulleh – Carpenter-Certificate in Carpentry)

     5. Aminata Josephine Jalloh- Office Assistant


Courses offered in the centre

Masters in science education

All Science Methodology and Science Curriculum courses in the Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science Education programmes are taught by lecturers in the Centre

Science Methodology courses for the Certificate level programmes are also taught by the staff of the Centre.