Workshop on Review of Course Evaluation


VCP and HR keynote address

Course/Lecturer and Academic staff evaluation exercise in the University was coordinated by the Director of Academic Affairs.

Whether the exercise achieved its intended purpose remained a question to be answered. A sample Course/Lecturer and Academic stand evaluation evaluation form was forwarded to Njala University by the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education requesting institutionalisation of Course and Academic staff evaluation.

The above was said to be in conformity with His Excellency's commitment to quality Education in all sectors of the educational system. The said course evaluation forms were distributed to Deans of Schools to expedite the process of evaluation. from the feedback, a workshop was suggested in order to approach the exercise professionally, thereby, achieving the intended purpose. Accordingly, two sets of forms were forwarded which were to be reviewed and adapted to address specific needs of the University.

In view of the above, one day consultative workshop was approved by the Administration to do a SWOC analysis of the critical issues involved to adapt the document to the University standard and to map a way-forward in accomplishing the evaluation task effectively and efficiently.