School of Social Sciences and Law

The School of Social Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs in economics, accounting, sociology, social work, agricultural economics, MBA and Banking and Finance



Agricultural Economics

Sociology and Social Work

Department of Law

Institute of Moral and Religious Studies

Institute of Social Studies, Administration and Management (ISSAM)

Undergraduate Programme

(Honours programmes are by invitation at the end of the second year's work)

B.Sc. Economics

B.Sc. Banking and Finance

B.Sc. Sociology

B.Sc. Social Work

B.Sc. Accounting

B.Sc. Agricultural Economics

B.Sc. Business Administration and Management

B.Sc. Peace and Development Studies

LLB - Law

Technician Diploma in Accounting

Higher Diploma in Banking and Finance

Higher Diploma in Social Work

Diploma in Business Administration

Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Science Economics (with various options)

Master of Science in Agricultural Extension

Master of Science in Sociology

Master of Science Agricultural Economics

Master of Arts in Peace and Development Studies

Master of Business Administration with options in:

Human Resources Management

Tax Administration



Master of Business Administration (Executive)

Master of Public Administration with options in:

Local Government

Tax Administration

Public Service Administration

  • M.Phil. and Ph. D. Programmes in the above fields are available on application to the Board of Postgraduate Studies and the availability of competent theses supervisors