Disease Diagnosis Laboratory

After many years, the Livestock Services Division in Sierra Leone has for the first time notified the OIE (Organization Internationale des Epizootic) about a PPR disease outbreak (SLE 09-08-18 OIE Alert - Alerta - Alerte - Peste des petits ruminants - Peste des petits ruminants - Peste de pequeños rumiantes). This accomplishment is attributed to the works of the staff of Njala University Animal Science Laboratory in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, which scientific observations provided clue to the cause of the disease.

OIE expression states, ‘Information received on 07/08/2018 from Dr. Francis A. R. Sankoh, Director, Livestock Services Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bruxelles, Sierra Leone.’

In recognition of the efforts and scientific brilliance backing the investigation, which was supported by the FAO - ECTAD Team in the last one and a half Month. Dr. Bobo Germain - Team Leader of ECTAD - FAO Sierra Leone remarks : I would like to thank you all for the work done. Let us keep that momentum.