Department of Maths and Statistics



Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Njala University in the School of Technology. Njala University is one of the leading Universities in Sierra Leone and our department is an integral part of the university as it services almost all the other Academic Departments within the University.


Our Main aim is to produce high quality graduates through high quality teaching and research in various specializations of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department also encourages the professional growth of its staff members through study and research.

Degrees and certificates

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offer courses leading to Honors and General Degrees in Both the Schools of Education and Technology. We also offer Graduate courses leading to Graduate Degrees in Statistics.

Departmental Program

The disciplines of Mathematics and Statistics play a crucial role in many areas of current interest and research. As a result, our programs are designed to help students secure their desired careers in various specializations of Mathematics or Statistics. This is clearly seen in the third year of the programs, where our students are allowed to choose specialized courses.

For the Statistics program, the specialized courses that our students choose from include:

  • Agricultural Statistics
  • Biostatistics,
  • Economics Statistics,
  • Operations Research,
  • Business Statistics
  • Econometrics.


For the Mathematics program, the specialized courses taken by students in the third year include :

  • Engineering Mathematics,
  • Geometry,

We offer degrees and certificates courses in the following programes

A. Undergraduate Programmes

(a) BSc (Hons) Statistics

(b) BSc (Hons) Mathematics

(c) BSc Statistics General

(d) BSc Mathematics General

(e) BSc Education (Mathematics Major)

(f) Higher Diploma in Statistics


B. Graduate Programme

Our department offers a Master”s degree in Statistics.

No Name of staff Qualifications/Specialty Status
1 Regina B. Fofana (Mrs) BSc (Ed) Math/Economics, MSc Statistics, PhD Statistics Lecturer I, Full-time
2 Mohamed H. Conteh BSc (Ed) Math/Chemistry, MSc Statistics, PhD Operations Research Lecturer I, Full time
3 Brima Gegbe BSc (Ed) Math/Physics, PG Diploma in Information Technology, MSc Statistics, Lecturer I, Full time
4 Issac T. Issa BSc (Ed) Math/Economics, MSc Economics, MSc Statistics Lecturer II, Full time
5 J.B.J. Coker BSc (Ed) Physics/Maths, M Ed. Mathematics Education Retired Staff on Contract
6 Augustine Sondai BSc (Ed) Physics/Maths, MSc Statistics Assigned from Dept of Math & Integrated Science, Bo campus
7 Osman Jalloh BSc (Hons) Mathematics RTA