Department of Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology Department: School of Technology:

The Department was established in 2008 to train technicians, instructors to occupy the technical positions in the related ministries and institutions in the country. Institutions requiring expertise in Industrial technology are growing rapidly in Sierra Leone with limited capacity of trained and qualified staff. The objective of the department is to train specialist in integrated industrial operations with the focus on workshop processing, inventory management, building trades involving the use of clay, industrial design, technical instructions and management.

The department is presently offering both degree and diploma program in Industrial Technology and students who have graduated from the Programme are now fully employed and meaningfully contributing to the development of the organizations they serve. The degree Programme in Industrial Technology which has also been introduced now have students up to the third year. The aim is to train young graduates in various aspects of Industrial Technology which will help to address the inadequate technical expertise in industries. Further, it helps to strengthen the professional capacity of technical graduates and staff below bachelor level.

Most Sierra Leoneans, particular in the hinter areas are still illiterate and unskilled in the marketable skills currently in great demand around the country. Knowledge in the Industrial Technology at this point will provide the teaching personnel in many of the sellable skills. This in turn will enable more schools to offer those courses in their curricular, which in turn will encourage more children to enter the schools. The parents and the participating children will realize immediate benefits from their participation in the Programmes

Industrial Technology is a vocational education, which is about and for work. Vocational Education meets society’s needs for skilled work force and increases each individual’s career opportunities and satisfaction. The department is currently offering the following Programmes: HD in Industrial Technology, BSs Hons Industrial Technology.


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Name: John Victor Bangura

Designation: Head of Department

Mobile: +23276705670 / +23277940688