Acting VC&P Assess Facilities at Njala Hospital


NU Hospital

The Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal, Professor Osman Sankoh has on Thursday 14th May, 2020 assessed the facilities at Njala Hospital.

The Acting VC&P was there to ascertain the hospital’s preparedness in serving the University and its communities and the fight against the Corona virus (COVID-19).

This is part of his ongoing assessment of the various areas of the University.

Njala hospital serves the  students of Njala University  and the surrounding communities. It is also one of the three referral health facilities in the District.

The Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Mohamed Koker briefed the Acting VC&P on the current status of the hospital by highlighting six major areas which according to him need significant improvement. These areas; the laboratory, the blood bank, the dispensary, the operations theater, the labour ward and the processing of clinical waste.

He maintained that involving the Private sector would be a possible option in order to enhance the services of the hospital.

Responding to the challenges of the hospital and disclosing  to the Acting VC&P the issues at hand, Registrar noted that the University has funds for the management of the hospital but they have not been able to allocate such funds due to the lack of transparency and accountability.

He urged the VC&P to trigger the MOU already signed some few years ago between the University hospital and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. This according to him will provide the much needed support to the hospital.


In another development, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Njala Campus, Professor Bashiru Koroma used the occasion to intimate the Acting VC&P about the strides made so far in the fight against COVID-19 by the University.

He furthered  that on the 31st of March 2020, the outgoing VC&P, Professor Abdullah Mansaray called on him to reactivate a taskforce so as to coordinate the fight against the pandemic.

A taskforce was made up of  various Departmental Heads, the Dean of students, the Community Relations Officer, the security and the hospital authorities. It was agreed that the Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Mohammed Koker heads the committee.

Professor Koroma stressed the need for  the taskforce to be scaled up as a recognized entity by the University Court and Senate to serve all emergencies.

The Senior Medical Officer stated that the disease is a worldwide pandemic and that is why the activities of the taskforce are in line with the national agenda.

Dr. Koker noted some of the achievements of the taskforce—  a radio program has been instituted for sensitization on the COVID-19; eleven checkpoints have been reactivated and manned by security personnel and backed up with effective monitoring; food is provided for the checkpoints, and weekly meetings are being conducted by the taskforce.

He however, highlighted some key challenges which according to him are hampering the work of the taskforce and these include: finance, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Shelter for the checkpoints, Rainboots, Thermometer etc.

“We are hopeful to win this fight, but we are unprotected, therefore, we are at risk,” Dr. Koker, the British medical Doctor emphasized.

The Acting VC&P expressed keen interest in the development of the hospital and thanked the Senior Medical Officer, Dr Koker for what he described as his selflessness to serve his compatriots.

Professor Sankoh also entreated the taskforce to find ways to access the dry ration from the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) and encouraged all to bring transparency, fairness and accountability to Njala University as that is what his concept of ‘bongology’ means.

He reiterated that the University makes full use of the Alumni Association to uplift its image.

He promised to give his fullest support to the hospital and ended off by donating a sum of one million Leones to compliment the efforts of the taskforce.

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