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About the ICT Directorate:

Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was established in January 2014, under the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Principal. ICT Directorate provide technical, strategic and policy advice on ICT matters and the implementation of various ICT work processes, procedures and other administrative related matters. This will include responsibility for hardware, and software applications, IT security and oversee both internal activities and external information system suppliers. Directorate current has 4 main functional areas: User Support (HW & SW), Systems/Application Support, Network Management, and Training.

Our specific functions include but not limited to the following:

  • Develop and implement an enterprise architecture that results in rules and standards for ICT in the university;
  • Develop, implement, and manage a new distributed Internet network to provide a more robust, efficient, and secure University wide infrastructure;
  • Provide enhanced and expanded ICT services to meet the growing needs of departments and units in the University. Support schools, departments and units in providing secure and reliable ICT operations;
  • Promote cyber- and network security through the development of a University wide Network and Security Operations Center;
  • Manage the university wide agreements for quality ICT products and services to reduce the cost and increase the value of University’s IT hardware, software, and services;
  • Provide ICT baseline audit, mapping, and selective benchmarking efforts that are guided by a clear vision and goals to make policymaking more focused, and effective.
  • To Promote Innovative Use of ICT that Adds Value to the administrative academic environment in the university e.g Online portal, e-learning, etc.
  • Provide ICT capacity building to staff and students’


To use ICT optimally with the view to increasing efficiency and quality among both staff and students and endeavour to fit into the global information and knowledge economies


To provide high quality, cost-effective, efficient and effective management information systems that supports the University’s scholars, students, teachers and administrators, and enhances the University’s contribution to the sustainable development of society

Staff Members

Directorate of Information and Communication Technology
Sn Name of Staff Position Status Location
1 Mr. Thomas Philip Songu Director of Information and Communication Technology At post Njala Campus
2 Mr. Steven S Harvey Database Administrator At post Njala Campus
3 Mr. Ishmael Kamara ICT Officer At post Njala campus
4 Mr. Patrick Moseray Hardware and Maintainance  At Post Njala Campus
5 Mr Aruna Rashid Kamara ICT Manager At post Bo campus
6 Mr. Abu Bakarr Kamara Principal Technician At post Bo Campus
7 Mr. Gerald Morana Hardware Technician At Best Bo Campus
8 Mr. Ernest Gborie Network Administrator At post Njala Campus
9 Mr Jamiru Karbai ICT Assistant At post Freetown
10 Mr. Donald Morgan Senior IT Technician At post Freetown
11 Alhaji Umaru Gbow Trainee Webmaster   Njala Camp
12 Winnifred Lissah Trainee Help Desk/Service Support   Njala Campus