Janatu V. Sesay


Career History

2018-  Associate Lecturer in Biotechnology, Department of Biological Sciences, Njala University.

2009-  Team leader, Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, SLARI, Njala, Sierra Leone.                      


BScEd, 2008, Agriculture and Education, Njala University, Sierra Leone.

MPhil, 2015, Plant Botany University of Ghana, Legon.           

Career and Research Profile

She is an Associate Lecturer in Biotechnology in the Department of Biological Sciences, Njala University, as well as managing the tissue culture laboratory at the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI).  Her research interests are plant tissue culture and molecular biology. Currently, she works focuses on the mutagenesis of cassava and rice, as well as enhancing the concurrent selection and evaluation of mutant rice, cassava and other crops which have been sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) since 2016-date.  She has also worked on the DALIMA Tissue Culture project funded by ECOWAS in 2009 and spent time as a research fellow in Sieberdorf (Austria) in rapidly multiplying mutant populations and development of an in-vitro protocol for recalcitrant varieties of cassava from Sierra Leone.  She also had the opportunity of documenting some domesticated food crops in Sierra Leone. She is presently a PhD student working on the ethnobotany and molecular characterization of selected cassava varieties in Sierra Leone with the aim of genome profiling and assessing the prevalence of Cassava Mosaic Diseases. She hopes to have this completed by 2020.

Refereed Journal Papers and Books/Book Chapters

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