Dr. Turad Senesie

Dr. Turad Senesie
Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education in Sierra Leone

Summary of Profile

  • Dr Turad Senesie is a Senior Lecturer at Njala University in the School of Social Science.
  • A professional with over 25 years’ experience in Teaching, Monitoring and Evaluation and Public Service Investigations.
  • A methodical planner & implementer with a track record of timely implementation of institutional policies, norms, systems and control and above all maintain quality educational standards during the career span.
  • A wealth of experience in administrative activities such as organising seminars, training and representing institutions in international conferences.
  • Experience in developing a curriculum that accommodates various learning styles that allows flexible student comprehension.
  • Experience in conducting and publishing individual and joint research works and at the same time provide consultancy services to clients in the field of social sciences

Holds (B Sc. M Sc. MHRS & PhD with 11years of instructional experience and Director for the Institute of Social Studies, Administration and Management, Njala University Bo Campus. Currently, He is the Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education in Sierra Leone.)

Core Competencies

-General Administration                            - Research & Publications

-Teaching & Community Service              - Student Management

-Module and Course Design                      - Consultancy Services


Research Interest: Peacebuilding, Development and Public Administration