Job Title Name
The Chancellor
Dr. Ernest Koroma
The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Court
Prof. Edward Rhodes
The Vice-Chancellor & Principal
Prof. Ernest Ndomahina
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Mr. First Name Vacant
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Bo Campus
Prof. Andrew Baimba
The Registrar
Mr. Aly Turay
The Finance Director
Mr. Donald Johnson
The Director of Information and Communication Technology
Mr Thomas Songu
The Director of Physical and Plant Services
Mr. Santigie Sesay
The Director of Medical Services
Dr. A. B. Kargbo
The Internal Auditor
Mr. S. K. Songa
The Director of Planning, Research and Development
Rev. Dr. Edwin JJ. Momoh
The Acting Dean of Students
Ms. Agnes E. Becker
Public Relations Officer
Dr. Joseph Kandeh